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Blackjack with surrender option - Las Vegas Message Board 2005-9-21 · Last time I was in Vegas I played Blackjack with the option to surrender if you hand was bad and you could take chips back. The problem is I can't remember where this was and I'm going back in December and want to play again as I found it easier to win. Surrender is a savvy move in the right situation, i.e. a hard 15 or 16 vs. a 10 up for ...

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The truth: When you have a 16 and the dealer shows 10, the best move is not to make a move at all. Put differently, if the casino offers “surrender,” in this scenario you should take it every ... 16 vs. Dealer 10 in Blackjack question... - Other Gambling ...

STAND on all 16's is the worst advice for people to play Blackjack. If I were to write a BJ book, the most important lesson for a counter is to hit 16 against 10, if he doesn't know the TC or just lose the count. The index play for Hi-Lo on 16 v 10 is somewhere between 0.7 and 0.8.

If you ask a good Blackjack player, “What is the worst hand in the game?” they are liable to say hard 16 vs. Dealer 10. However, a professional might tell you it’s a trick question. The 16 vs. 10 and 16 vs. Ace are, in fact, the two worst hands in Blackjack. However, the order depends on whether the dealer Hits or Stands on soft 17.

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